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AM Wigs are a key provider of wigs and hair pieces to major film and television productions, both here in the UK and internationally. We also provide wigs for commercials, theatre productions and photo-shoots.

We hold the largest hire stock of wigs and hairpieces in Europe, encompassing real hair-lace,  period yak, acrylic and genuine horse hair legal wigs, as well as switches, part wigs, beards and moustaches.

We also hand craft individual wigs and pieces to the hair designer’s exact requirements, providing a bespoke service of wigs tailor fitted to the artist.

For more information, or to discuss how we might assist with your particular project, please contact us.



COVID-19 Update: In Supporting our customers, we would like to reassure you that during these difficult times The Wig Store is here for you. Requests via Email and/or phone calls are still operating. We would appreciate as much lead time as possible please, as processes may take a little longer in the current situation. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Hire Department


We hold over 12,000 wigs, enabling us to find a match for the head size, colour and length of your hire requests. 

Our hire stock includes:

  • Real hair wigs , hand knotted on TV lace.

  • Acrylic wigs on a stretch base

  • Yak hair period wigs

  • Horse hair legal wigs

  • Toupees and half wigs

  • Switches and clusters

  • Beards, moustaches, sideburns

Bespoke Wigs


Our postiche team have decades of experience in creating bespoke wigs of the highest quality. Our bespoke wigs are hand made here in the UK, using real hair, and are individually tailored and designed to match your exact requirements.


We begin with a fitting to produce a head shape of the artist, which is used as a template for creating the lace base. We select and blend hair with the colour and texture to suit the desired look, and each strand of hair is hand knotted into the base, taking into account the requirements for hair thickness, direction, parting or crown. After a second fitting and any adjustments, the wig is cut and styled to match the period, status and personality of the character in question. The entire process takes about three weeks.

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red lace front wig
legal wig
legal wig
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